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Octomom the Musical at the Fake - No Fake
Sunday July 19, 2009
There were plenty of belly laughs last night at the opening of Octomom the Musical, an irreverent parody of the icons of American excess who have consumed the media and flattened the economy for the last couple years. The production manages to poke fun at Bernie Madoff, greedy mortgage companies, and of course the Octomom, in hysterical song and dance numbers that are so clever and witty that they don't even seem mean-spirited. It is non-stop craziness for the entire 62 minutes.

The production is the brain child of Chris Voltaire, who wrote the book and lyrics, produced and directed the musical. He also plays Octomom's infatuated fertility doctor and a TMZ reporter in the show. Rachael Lawrence's music, ranging from tango to rap, is toe tapping and catchy. Dean McFlicker's over-the-top cornball choreography is just too fun. I can see the Octo-Dance joining the Time Warp as a cult classic.

Octomom the MusicalThe spot-on cast is led by Molly McCook as Octo, John Combs (former Wall Street Securities Banker) as Bernie and Dinora Walcott as the narrator "Real." Voltaire makes a perfectly smarmy conflicted fertility specialist. Lynette Li is strangely convincing as Octo's fed-up mom. Blake Hogue morphs seamlessly from sleazy real estate deal-maker Century to con artist Ponzi. Alexandra Holzman and Stu Barron round out the strong cast as gullible buyers and chorus members.

Octomom the Musical is playing for 5 Saturday nights at the Fake Gallery in Hollywood. It's fun to see it in such an intimate space, but that means tickets are limited. So if you're planning on being in town this month and want to get in to see this show, get your tickets soon.

When: Saturdays, July 18 - Aug 15, 8 and 10 pm
Where: The Fake Gallery, 4319 Melrose Ave., LA 90029
Cost: $19.99 advance, $29.99 at the door
Parking: Street
Info: www.octomomthemusical.com

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