Octomom Musical Full Show Online

It's 2011 and its time to reveal to the world the full show of OCTOMOM THE MUSICAL.
See the show plus other various news clips and segments and more at OctomomTheMusical's YouTube Channel.

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Octomom! the Musical: Where to from here?

TMZ covered the show last week and revealed our need for a bigger venue
after our sold out 10 week run at The Fake Gallery in East Hollywood.

We're actually in discussions with a number of people for the show
to continue to run! Stay tuned.


TMZ covers the show online and TV

The musical based on OctoMom Nadya Suleman is getting bigger than her onetime freakishly ginormous stomach -- so big, in fact, the show is officially moving to a bigger stage.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/09/21/octomom-musical-we-need-more-womb/


Exclusive: Keight Goss'lin -n- Octo pics from Octomom Musical

Photos the world has been waiting for. Exclusive behind the scenes snaps from Keight Goss'lin and Octo's infamous photo shoot to promote the second sold-out extension of Octomom the Musical!

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Will Octo rush the Octomom Musical stage one day like Kanye?

The recent outbursts from Kanye West and Joe Wilson can't help but make me wonder if Octomom herself is going to storm our stage one day ! SEE WASH POST ARTICLE HERE


LA Times follows up on the underground stage hit

Elizabeth Snead in her Dish Rag blog with The L.A. Times asks her readers if they're ready for our show.