Bernie Madoff in Octomom Musical??

In the new show "Octomom the Musical" actor John Combs portrays Bernie Made-off. Combs was a Wall Street Municipal Securities Banker for 17 years before he moved to Los Angeles and into acting as his full time profession.

Molly McCook as Octo and John Combs as Bernie Made-off from Octomom the Musical. Photo by David Kriegel.

Octomom the Musical
Book and Lyrics Chris Voltaire
Music Rachael Lawrence
Directed by Chris Voltaire
opens July 18th
and plays for 10 performances Only
through August 15th
Saturdays at 8pm and 10pm at
The Fake Gallery
4319 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

For tickets visit: http://octotix.com
or call 323-856-1168

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La Habra woman flippy over Octo-Musical

La Habra resident goes batty for the Octo-Musical!

Get in on the Laugh
Octomom the Musical opens July
Get your tickets now at OCTOTIX.COM

Is Octo a Lonelygirl 15 reboot?

There are those of us on the Octo-Musical team who question the entire myth of the alleged women based in La Habra! We honestly don't know who this person is or if she really exists? Is this the newest lonelygirl 15? Is this a hyper level of viral marketing? Let us know what you think.


"OCTOMOM THE MUSICAL" makes their official bow at this first photo shoot. Exclusive media photo op!

"Octomom the Musical" First Photo Op Exclusive
Meet the Confirmed Cast!

TODAY at 2:30pm - 4:00pm

PRESS INQUIRIES ONLY: Tany at 213-745-0105


Meet the Octomom The Musical cast this Wednesday June 10th

Meet the actress cast as Octo! Over 1000 actresses submitted for the role....see who got it. Hear excerpts of the original songs from the show!
Meet the actors playing Bernie Schmade-off, Vince Shamwow and Captain Sully!!

Get the scoop and join us this Wednesday June 10th in the afternoon between 2:30 and 4:00pm as the Octomom Musical cast gather for publicity stills!

Press Inquiries should call Tany Soussana at (213)745-0105.


Conan O' Brien cracks on the Octo-Musical

Conan O'Brien cracked about the Octomom Musical in his opening monologue hosting the new Tonight Show last night. Joking that the show was titled "Spermalot" he later made side reference to Andy Richter that our show is for real at which point the audience started to Boo!

Our PR department has a lot of work to do because the Boo'ers are actually going to love this show! We're hopeful The Tonight Show will give us a chance to show the country just what the Octomom Musical is all about!

Octomom the Musical Starts Rehearsals

For many weeks the Octo-Musical Production team has found itself besieged with accusations that the entire production is a big, practical joke. Creator Chris Voltaire has kept the script at close bay but now the show begins rehearsals and talent and production team will find out tonight just what they have gotten themselves into. With composer Rachael Lawrence, Voltaire has been working non-stop creating 14 Original songs for this new production!

Octomom the Musical opens in July and Tickets are now on-sale. http://octotix.com