Update: 12 tickets remain for
this Saturdays 8pm show
Plenty of tickets for the 10pm
Great Vegetarian Restaurant Meetup across the street
at Pure Luck on Heliotrope

Yes, it's arrived! See the only show that actually pretends to have Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Bernie Madeoff and Octomom
SINGING AND DANCING! The 65 minute musical comedy uses the story of an opportunistic young woman who becomes the mother of octuplets as a springboard to explore the national ethos of greed and unsustainable growth in a time of collapse.

"Stretches the limits of the American Musical." LA Weekly
" A Fresh Tube of Crazy! " buzzfeed
"Parody with a Point." FOX 11 L.A.

10 Performances Only !
July 18th - August 15th
Saturdays at 8PM and 10PM
Get your seats today.

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